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Qatalyst Energy is a leading Qatari based company primarily focused in the Oil & Gas sector providing diversified products, services, and professional consultation for the upstream, midstream and downstream segments.

The design of the following brand is based on the perfect combination of technology and energy transformation. Based on the technical concept of catalysis is what has been achieved in the development of the creative process. 

Qatalys Energy Design


The energy that supports the business model of this brand comes from organic remains such as plants and other living beings, the clearest representation of this is obtained in the symbol of the drop referring to oil oils and natural gas.


As a brand that is focused on sustainability and the environment, it was necessary to represent these values in the development of the logo.


For the representation of the technology, a concept widely used in the language of informatics communication is Morse code. It serves perfectly to illustrate the catalysis process and gives the logo a dynamism that will be shown in the final combination of the three elements.

Three are the main elements that make up the logo, but on the other hand, three other elements were added to give the brand a point of differentiation.

The rain gives dynamism and movement to the logo.

The combination of the morse code and the droplet represents the catalysis process.

The detail of the exact combination with the leaf is the differentiation to represent a drop of oil and not a drop of water.


The choice of colours has been based on the exact research for specific shades and names that refer to the different concepts mentioned above.

Pantone 3165c

Pantone 3165c

The blue extracted from this palette has been based on the sought-after positioning of colours related to oil and natural gas.

Pantone Emerald

Pantone Emerald

Emerald green was selected as the color of the year 2013 because it represents growth, renewal, and prosperity.