Valentino Kreative

Balcanic blood with Mediterranean lifestyle

Graphic Design/ Art Direction/ Photography/ Filmmaking/ 

It may seem typical to say that I am a multidisciplinary artist, but on this occasion, you can take the word literally. A degree in psychology and a master MBA makes me the opposite of what you would expect from a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Art Director.

My professional career began even before I knew what a career was, since in 2010 I started to play around with design programs, without having much idea of what they were, but there I was with 13 years old discovering what would become my future vocation.In contrast to other professionals, I have never been lucky to be able to study anything related to design, advertising and photography, however I did it in the best way you can learn, in a self-taught way.

 I started the career that pushed me towards all this, that is psychology. Why did I study psychology and dedicate myself to something else? This answer is very simple, because literally everything I do and study in my life I connect it with possible future needs, thanks to psychology I learned how to empathize with customers, how to conduct scientific research related to the behavior of people and how to manage moments of stress. If we apply this to the field of graphic design and photography what we get is a coordinator of emotions capable of transmitting visually and verbally ideas that linger in the mind of the observer.

Designing the limit of the imagination